Precision Property Management's Terms & Conditions

These Terms & Conditions apply to any work performed and materials supplied by Precision Property Management, LLC (“Contractor”) and are incorporated into the estimate/invoice (“Estimate”) provided to you (“Customer”) and shall govern unless expressly modified or excluded in writing by both parties. Upon Customer’s acceptance of the Estimate, the Estimate, together with these Terms & Conditions, form a binding contract between the parties.

General Terms & Conditions

Scope of Work

The Contractor shall carry out and complete work described in the Estimate in a workman like manner and shall have no obligation to execute any additional work unless otherwise agreed in writing between the parties. If there is any discrepancy between any specification and any drawing, the description contained in specifications shall prevail over the drawing.


The Customer is responsible for obtaining any necessary permits or consents required for any work to be performed by Contractor under the Estimate (both governmental and private). Customer represents and warrants to Contractor that all permits and consents have been obtained prior to the scheduled commencement of any work and that the work contained in the Estimate is permitted by all applicable laws.


The Estimate provided for lawn any other services is valid for 30 days from the time made by Contractor. Acceptance of the Estimate expressly constitutes acceptance of these Terms & Conditions and represents a binding contract between the parties.


Customer shall pay the Contractor the full amount of the Estimate, including all taxes and fees as follows:  (1) Any Job under $1,000 requires the balance to be paid in full upon completion of the work described in the Estimate. (2) Any Job over $1,000 requires a non refundable 50% deposit upon signing of the Estimate by the Customer in order to schedule the job, with the balance due upon completion of the work described in the Estimate.(3) Any job that would like a date reserved in the future for such work will require a non refundable $100 down payment. Payment terms shall be stated on the Estimate. If Customer fails to make payment within 7 days of the invoiced date, the past due balance shall accrue interest at the monthly rate of 20%.

Notice of Pre-Lien This notice is to advise you of your rights under the New Jersey Law in connection with the improvement to your property. Any person or company supplying labor or materials for this improvement may file a lien against your property if that person or company has not been paid for the contributions. Under New Jersey Law, you have the right to pay persons who supplied labor or materials for this improvement directly and deduct this amount from our contract price or withhold the amounts due them from us until 120 days after completion of the improvement unless we give you a lien waiver signed by persons who supplied any labor or materials for the improvement and who gave you a timely notice.

Customer Representation and Obligations

The Customer warrants the site is free of underground condition including, without limitation pipes, cables, stumps, sprinklers, invisible fence, sewage drains and waste materials except as specifically disclosed to Contractor prior to the signing of the Estimate. Where latent/underground problems exist the Contractor shall be entitled to charge for additional work/supplies/equipment necessary to complete the work or may suspend the work until the condition has been remedied. Customer shall provide Contractor with electricity and water.


 The Contractor will use commercially reasonable efforts to complete a project in the time frame promised. However, Contractor shall not be liable for any delay in the completion of the work under the Estimate.

Materials On-Site

Materials delivered to site become the responsibility of the Customer. The Contractor accepts no responsibility for loss damage or expense after delivery of materials to site for any reason. Any material brought to, or removed from the site, that are in excess to the Contractor’s requirements under the Estimate remain the property of and be removable by the Contractor who shall have the right to enter the site for that purpose.

Maintenance after Completion

The Contractor is only obligated to perform the work specified in the Estimate. The proper maintenance of the site shall be the obligation of the Customer following completion of the work by Contractor, unless otherwise agreed in writing by the parties.


Under no circumstances shall Contractor be liable for any special, incidental, or consequential damages.

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